Social Design Tour

The Social Design Tour is a communication experiment by Daniel Falk, Julian Wildgruber, Marcus Adam, Fabian Schaller and Christopher Riley. Together with the Hans Sauer Foundation and the Impact HUB Munich the film production companies MadeVision and Eyetrip co-created a roadtrip through Europe to visit the most intresting social design projects and experts and make them visible.

Social Design is a design practice that goes beyond a purely technical or consumer-oriented design of products and services. Social Design creates social added value by becoming an advocate of social concerns that either the state or the market do not serve adequately or at all.

Webisode #1

Daniel Kerber:
More Than Shelters


Webisode #2

Erik Ohlsen:
Walter, Alter The Wheelchair

Webisode #3

Pelle Ehn,
Design Researcher at
University Malmö

Webisode #4

Medea Talk
with Pelle Ehn,
Per-Anders Hillgren
and Anna Seravalli

Webisode #5

Social Design
Elevation Days

Creative Producer Julian Wildgruber
Director Daniel Falk
DoP Marcus Adam
Audio Fabian Schaller
Music Fabian Karamatic
Narrator Christopher Riley